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The Southern (Meridional) Brazil Diocese was created in 1950, when the Missionary District of Brazil was divided in three dioceses. However, its origin and history are much older, since it was the first place where American Episcopal missionaries started missionary work in Brazil.

Today, the diocese encompasses the easternmost part of the Rio Grande do Sul State and the south of Santa Catarina. Its see is Porto Alegre, a city widely known for hosting the Social World Forum.

The Southern Brazil Diocese has around 13,000 baptized members, spread in 17 parishes and 15 missions and missionary points. Several men and women serve the Church as ordained and lay ministers.

Our diocesan life is shaped by the following points:
1. A life of prayer - liturgy and spirituality;
2. Evangelism - missionary growth and witness;
3. Service and Expansion - pastoral programs based on the biblical sense of Diakonia;
4. Christian Education - theological formation for clery and laity.

The Rt. Rev. Orlando Santos de Oliveira (who was consecrated Coadjutor Bishop in 1997) has been, since the retirement of the Rt. Rev. Cláudio Vinicius de Senna Gastal in 1998, our Diocesan Bishop.
His motto is “Que todos sejam um” (”That we all may be one”). He wishes his ministry as a bishop can help the Body of Christ achieve unity and that his diocese can be able to live the multiplicity of different shapes and colors, rooted on the Divine Holy Trinity, and follow God’s will.

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